Village of Lawton to end brush pick-up October 31

    LAWTON - The Lawton Public Works Department reminds Lawton Village residents that brush pick-up ends Oct. 31.
    “Please do not put your brush out at the curb. Grass pick-up starts when the leaves fall but generally speaking, we will start our leaf pick-up program Nov. 1 until Dec. 15, or when the snow starts falling,” said Todd Hackenberg, Lawton Department of Public Works superintendent.
    “Please rake your leaves out to the curb line but not into the street as they can create a traffic hazard and plug the storm catch basins. Please don’t put pop bottles, cans or other items under the leaves as they can damage our leaf removal equipment,” said Hackenberg,
    In the Village of Lawton, there  is no on-street parking from Nov. 1 through April 1. The DPW crews must have streets cleared so they can plow snow. Village ordinances prohibit parking vehicles in front yards or on dirt/grass.
    Village residents in need of some ground asphalt to improve a parking space may call the  DPW office at (269) 624-6406.

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