Civil War buff seeks local information on area soldier

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The post-Civil War oil painting of Augustus H. Emery, 2nd Captain of Battery M was provided by Ronald Cleveland, who is hoping to find some local ties to Emery.According to Cleveland’s research, Emery was respected by his group of men, and at the end of the war, the  men presented the unit’s flag to Emery.

    A  Detroit-area man who for the past  20 years has collected information on a Paw Paw Civil War veteran and his Battery, is seeking additional information from any family members who may still reside in the area.
    Ron Cleveland, a Civil War buff,  is seeking information on Captain Augustus Emery. “I’m simply seeking information on Captain Emery if there are family members still living in the area,” said Cleveland.
    Cleveland said, “Over the past 20 years, I have collected a lot of information about the battery itself, and Captain Emery, but I’m just thinking, if there are relatives, they may have more to add to the story. I would be glad to share everything I have learned over the  years with descendants.”
    Emery was the 2nd Captain of Battery M,  a member of the Michigan Light Artillery. Emery was said to have been well respected by his men, and at the end of the war, was presented with the unit’s flag, with his name stitched on it.
        According to Cleveland, “the   flag itself may eventually wind up with Michigan’s other Civil War flags in the capital at Lansing.”
    Emery’s father, John Winslow Emery,  was a doctor in the Paw Paw area during the mid to late 1800s.  John and his wife, Cleora, both appear in the 1870 census in Paw Paw, as well as the 1880 census.
    Dr. Emery died in 1884, and is buried at Bangs Cemetery, Red Arrow Highway, east of Paw Paw.
    Augustus was born in Vermont  in about 1839. The family moved  to Michigan in 1860, where Augustus and a brother, Horatio, both signed with Michigan to fight in the Civil War.
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