The last day of the Paw Paw school year celebration

    For what would have been the last day of the school year with their students, Paw Paw elementary teachers lined the sidewalk of the elementary campus on North Street Thursday afternoon, June 11, to wave good-bye. Families were invited to drive by from noon to 1 p.m.; and for that hour and even longer, a solid caravan of parents and children, passed by. Vehicles, almost bumper-to-bumper from the stoplight on Hazen Street, were loaded with kids popping out of the sunroofs and waving from open windows.  Parents, who were charged with home schooling after the threat of the spreading coronavirus shut down in-person learning and replaced traditional classrooms with Zoom, called out from the driver’s seat, “Thanks for all you do!”
    Courier-Leader photos/Robin Griffin

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