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Dear Editor,
   The Paw Paw Lions Club is hosting an American Red Cross blood drive on Wednesday, Feb. 13, from noon until 6 p.m.  Accidents and medical emergencies don’t take holidays, blood is needed every minute, every day of the year. Winter is an especially critical time - some donors can’t get to blood drives. Make an effort. Save lives. Donate blood.
   Frank Wunderlich
   Blood Drive Coordinator
   Paw Paw Lions Club


Dear Editor,
   My name is Marvin G. Flick and I was recently at the Bronson Commons Rehabilitation Center on Red Arrow Highway near Mattawan. I was there for almost three weeks due to complications of a knee replacement.
   For two of those weeks I was in and out of hallucinations and probably very hard to deal with. I remember many of the hallucinations, but not all. I believe I died one of those nights and came back to life. Several people that visited me that day never thought I would be alive the next day. For that I can only thank the doctor and staff that very patiently cared for me.
   I had a bad infection from the surgery that complicated my recovery. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to the entire staff at Bronson Commons. They treated me wonderfully through my entire stay, even though I probably wasn’t the most cooperative patient they ever had. Even though I won’t remember all of their names, Julie, my wife, and I will never forget them for the care they gave me well beyond the call of duty.
   For those of you who are not familiar with Bronson Commons, if you were ever in need of rehabilitation, I would recommend their facility. I truly love them all and will never forget the care and friendship I was given from the entire staff. 
   I would also like to thank the VBEMS staff for keeping IVs in me to keep me alive, and the ride home, and my friends for visiting and breaking up the day.
   I’ll try to be nicer now.
   Marvin G. Flick
   Paw Paw


   Donald Trump has admitted that he was responsible for the partial shutdown of our government, a shutdown that caused significant financial hardship for more than 800,000 government workers. A majority of Americans blamed Trump for the shutdown and wanted it stopped as soon as possible.
   The shutdown continued because Trump was throwing a temper tantrum. He was punishing American workers because the newly empowered House Democrats won’t give him what he wants - $5.7 billion to build an unnecessary wall on our southern border.
   The wall was certainly a very key part of Trump’s campaign, a wall that he stated many times in his tweets and rallies that Mexico would pay for. Mexico from the start has steadfastly denied they would pay for this structure and continues to hold to that position. Trump has now pivoted to the position that we, the American taxpayers, should foot the bill. A solid majority of the voting public is against building the wall. Democratic, and some Republican, representatives are merely echoing voter sentiment.
   The president has falsely claimed that not having his wall is a crisis. He claims this despite the fact that illegal immigration has been steadily declining over the past 10 years, that most illegal immigrants enter the country legally but then overstay their visas, that the vast majority of illegal drugs enter the country hidden in cars or trucks that arrive through legal ports of entry, and that the vast majority of people arriving at our southern border are non-violent refugees seeking asylum from the horrific violence that our government helped to create in Central America.
    The real crisis is that Trump’s shutdown caused significant financial hardship for the thousands of FAA, FDA, USDA, TSA, and other federal employees who were not getting paid.
   Trump is now threatening to reinstate the shutdown if he doesn’t get his way.Trump’s irresponsible temper tantrum must come to an end!
   Eric “Rick” Wild


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