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Letter to the Editor:
    Eleanor’s Pantry continues to serve the food insecure families of Paw Paw and Lawton thanks to the generosity of our community.
    The second annual “Love Our Community” event, hosted by Courtney and Josh Gettig at The Shop-Van Buren Coffee in Feb-ruary, was a remarkable benefit for Eleanor’s Pantry.  As requested by Courtney, many people donated huge quantities of OTC medicines, personal care items, as well as, cleaning products for the pantry.  
    The Gettigs provided an afternoon of fun and opportunities.  Kids made crafts, while adults enjoyed shopping the 15 vendors and The Shop and Van Buren Coffee.   
    The guests snacked on cookies from Premier Cat-ering and freshly roasted Van Buren Coffee and made donations to the pantry. Thanks to Industry Tan-ning, Taylor Florist and Gift, Paw Paw Biggby, Family Fare, Tapper’s, LaCantina, Brewster’s, D. Coy Duck’s, Section 1776, and the 15 vendors for providing awesome door prizes, which generated money for the pantry.  
    We appreciated Girl Scout Troops 90647, 90665, and 90634 for getting participants to purchase Girl Scout cookies to be donated to the pantry!  Van Buren Coffee offered a special coffee, Ma’s Blend, in honor of the memory of Josh’s mom. Partial proceeds from the purchase of this coffee were given to the pantry.  10% of all purchases made from The Shop was also donated.  
    Thank you so much to all of you who participated.  A special thank you to Courtney and Josh Gettig for their generosity and love.
    We would also like to acknowledge others for their contributions.
    Big T in Lawton sponsored two Dine and Donate evenings when 15% of food items purchased was donated.  
    Omni Community Cre-dit Union honored us with a $1,000 check during their grand opening.  We are so fortunate for the support shown to Eleanor’s Pantry.
    Please, continue to bring us your receipts from Spartan Nash stores/Family Fare.  We continue to collect for “Direct Your Dollars” to earn another $1,000.
        Thank you.
        Nellie DeLong, Community Outreach Coordinator, Eleanor’s Pantry


Letter to the editor:
    The Van Buren County Road Commission has utilized The Courier-Leader nearly exclusively as its source of legal advertising, from Notices to Bidders, Board Resolutions, Public Notices, and the like. The staff at Vineyard Press regularly communicate with the staff at the Van Buren County Road Commission through emails and phone calls. They know each other on a first name basis.
    Yet recently an article appeared on the front page of The Courier that is almost a verbatim duplicate of a letter received by the Road Commission from one of its Township Partners making allegations, complaints, accusations, and demands against the Road Commission. The journalist made no attempt to contact anyone at the Road Commission offices to gather information, conduct an interview using credible sources, or write a story. The letter was basically published in its original format without any thought of the impact this might have on the audience.
    The very definition of journalism is “the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media.” As a journalist, the stories written are meant to provide facts to your readers about issues or news going on in the community around them. They are meant to be truthful, unbiased, and informative. A journalist writes stories for their readers to inform them. This recently published article, and other similar articles, have  missed the mark by a long shot, which is truly unfortunate, indeed. Instead of working to provide a basis for understanding and community building, you serve to tear down the reputation of a public agency, along with all the associated committed staff.
    Lawrence B. Hummel, P.E.
    Van Buren County
    Road Commission


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