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Dear Readers,
    Have you ever wondered why we shower dogs and cats with love and affection, yet subject other animals, such as chickens and pigs, to a life of misery, which often ends in violent death?  I recently purchased a book by Dr. Melanie Joy, entitled “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows” to try to find out why. According to Dr. Joy, pigs can be quite affectionate and social, can enjoy the company of humans, and are intelligent enough to be trained to play computer games, using their snouts to control the joystick.
    Unfortunately, most pigs don’t get those opportunities. Instead, they are crammed into pens at hog factories. Once they are ready to be slaughtered, they are packed into a truck, with no food or water. When they arrive at the slaughterhouse, it gets worse. They are supposed to be rendered unconscious before they are killed. However, some pigs are still conscious when they are strung upside down, kicking and struggling, to have their throats slit.
    Why do we allow intelligent beings to be treated this way?  One reason is because the meat industry does a very good job of hiding horrors from us. All we see is the “delicious” slice of bacon. We never get to see the inside of the slaughterhouse.
    This begs the question, “What can we do about it?”  One obvious solution is to go vegan. It is a proven fact that we don’t need to eat meat in order to be healthy and live long lives. In fact, if we all went to a plant-based diet, our country’s medical expenses would probably plummet, while our life spans would almost certainly increase. Another option is to buy meat only at local family farms, where animals are generally treated much better than at factory farms. We could also explore the science of growing meat by culturing cells in a lab.
    I highly recommend that you learn more about Dr. Joy’s insights by visiting The videos are a must-see.
    Yours for a kinder and more humane world,
    Harley R. Pierce, Jr.
    Paw Paw


Letter to editor:
    This is a response to a recent published letter to the editor signed by Lawrence “Larry” Hummel as supported by the Van Buren County Road Commission. We question whether or not all Road Commissioners took the time to review and approve the letter prior to its publication.         
    The letter states: “…one of its Township Partners making allegations, complaints, accusations, and demands against the Road Commission.”
    The Township Partner in question is the entire Antwerp Township Board. Our letter was clear in statements referring to the “the sentiments of not only the Township Board, but Antwerp Township residents.” Under the past 20 years of leadership of Lawrence “Larry” Hummel, Engineer-Manager, we have noticed the creation of a culture that needs changing.
    Our letter referenced the need to focus on improvements and desired change throughout the Van Buren County Road Commission. This broken culture that has been created needs to cease and change direction in order to ensure the support and earn back the trust, of not only the Antwerp Township Board of Trustees, but more importantly, the residents. We applaud the initial steps being taken by the Van Buren County Road Commissioners to review its policy with vehicle identification, GPS on management vehicles, and accountability with the current manager-engineer time.
    It is always the desire of the Antwerp Township Board to work with VBCRC. We are committed to working in relation to improve areas within the operations resulting in cost saving measures and better communications between VBCRC and residents. Our goal is collaborative efforts to create and maintain quality roads throughout all Van Buren County.
    Antwerp Township Board


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